About Us

Autism Center of Pittsburgh is a subsidiary of Community Psychiatric Centers, a Licensed Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic.

Our specialized clinic is overseen by our Medical Director, Dr. Robert A. Lowenstein, M.D. Child Psychiatrist, and Clinical Director Dr. John Carosso, Psy.D., Child Psychologist with a Certification in ABA programming. All the professionals at our Autism clinic strive to enhance the lives of children, and their families, affected with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Effective treatment of ASD is critically necessary as soon as it is detected in a child, as early intervention results in better outcome. Our primary objective is to provide individualized programming to children affected by ASD to fully develop their potential.  Our services provide direct assistance to parents in developing short-term and long-term plans for their child.

Our programming, individualized for your child, focuses on building communication and social skills, life skills, and helping children establish control of their behaviors. Families are encouraged to actively participate in treatment planning and programming.

In our healthcare system it is very challenging to access specialized doctors trained in assessing and treating autism. The subsequent delay can be devastating. At our specialized autism clinic, we offer no-wait evaluations and ongoing support. Dr. Carosso is a child psychologist, specializing in diagnosing and treating autism, with years of experience working with children on the spectrum, and Dr. Lowenstein, M.D, is a Board Certified Child Psychiatrist available for evaluation, overseeing the treatment regimen for your child, and providing medication management.

We also have on our staff doctoral level clinicians, licensed professionals, and a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst to provide direct treatment for your child with autism.