Applied Behavioral Analysis

Applied Behavioral Analysis, commonly known as ABA, is considered to be the treatment of choice for many children on the autism spectrum. ABA is a systemized manner of analyzing a child’s behavior, his or her strengths and weaknesses, and applying behavioral strategies. In most cases, various forms of reinforcement are used to shape a child’s behavior to become more productive and adaptive.

ABA can be used in any setting, can be taught to parents, and is highly effective. ABA also encompasses many of the fundamental strategies used to treat children with autism, including Discrete Trial Teaching, Applied Verbal Behavior, and the Functional Behavioral Analysis. At the Autism Center of Pittsburgh, we have trained and licensed practitioners, including a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, to implement ABA for your child. We’ve seen tremendous progress in the kiddos here at the Autism Center, and we look forward to helping yours, too.