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The Autism Evaluation

Chances are you have spoken to your child’s pediatrician and they agree that maybe it’s time to have an evaluation for Autism. Maybe your child’s pediatrician will not even give you the time of day, but you are moving forward and going with your gut feeling. I’m often asked what should I expect from this evaluation? What questions should I ask? What do I do if the doctor thinks my child has it? My mother in law thinks I’m crazy and there is NOTHING wrong with my child.

DEEP BREATHE & Calm Down, Yeah right! Easy for you to say Kristin, this is my child we are talking about here I know, I’ve been in your shoes before

I always tell parents *Bring a list of concerns with you* Okay, what do you mean? Write down things you want to talk to the doctor about. List them from MOST important to the least important. Example, if you notice things with your child like, hand flapping, toe walking, no or little eye contact. If your child lines toys up in a row. If your child will not respond to his or her name. If your child sits and spins the wheels on a car. Write down a quick family history if another family member has Autism, even if it is a cousin. If your child is currently receiving early intervention services bring reports from them.

Often times when you show up at a doctors office you’re scared and you just don’t know where to start. I call it the deer in the headlights look. A list you can follow could help the appointment go smoother.

If you don’t understand something during the evaluation stop the doctor and let him or her know Speak up. You should also think about what to bring with your child for the appointment. Make sure you pack a favorite toy, small snack and a drink. Kids get BORED

As far as how to deal with your Mother in Law? Take up a collection and send her off to an island for a few months.

Also, you can check-out Dr. C’s Morning Minute where he features a helpful video on “the evaluation process” that also explains what to expect during the evaluation.

About Dr. John Carosso

Dr. Carosso’s experience in the mental health field dates back to over twenty-five years in a number of capacities including as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and School Psychologist. He has worked in private, school-based, inpatient, residential, and in-home settings. His specialization is in the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of children and teenagers and, in that regard, he has conducted literally tens of thousands of evaluations with children, and families, of all walks of life.

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