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Autism: What Works; What Doesn’t; and What Causes It?

Every so often we get a review of research that tries to shed some light. Three government funded studies, published in Pediatrics, is the latest in that regard. Lets take a look: Three targets The researchers looked at meds, behavioral interventions and, for some reason, Secretin (it’s long been recognized that Secretin doesn’t work, not sure why they wasted time with that). Medications It’s long-since been established that meds don’t “cure” autism but treat symptoms, which can be helpful for some children. For example, the study indicates that Ability and Risperdal can decrease irritability, crying, hyperactivity, and noncompliance. However, side effects, especially with long-term use, can be troubling. Behavioral Interventions Behavioral strategies are undoubtedly effective for all kids with autism. There is a host of studies suggesting that discrete trial and other interventions, relying on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), improve children’s IQ, language, and social skills. The question, however, is ...

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Autistic Wandering Is A Big Problem, Check Some Things You Can Do To Help..

autism children wandering

Does Your Child Wander? Wandering is an everyday concern for many parents of autistic children, often causing additional stress. According to a study published in the journal of Pediatrics, 49% of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will elope or wander from a safe place.  Fifty percent of these wandering children will end up in a life threatening situation. If your child wanders, do not blame yourself, it is not your fault. Additionally, the study revealed that wandering does not stem from inattentive parenting or lack of supervision and is seen more in children with severe autism. Oftentimes, the child may wander from home, school, or stores and head toward a place of interest or to escape sights, sounds and activities of others. What you can do? There is no sure fire way to prevent your child from wandering; however, there are a few things that can help deal with ...

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Hope Happens Here

The Autism Center of Pittsburgh and AutismLink offers guidance to parents of children with autism; we provide prompt referral to valuable resources, expert evaluation, counseling, service dogs, autism awareness seminars, workshops, respite outings, recreational activities, a 900 member on-line support group, an on-line store with therapeutic materials, a nation-wide resource network, and so much more. “The Center was founded 10 years ago, beginning with AutismLink, by Cindy Waeltermann, and to this day… provides services to children and parents locally in all of Western Pennsylvania through the Autism Center of Pittsburgh, and throughout the United States via AutismLink. We are a recognized 501-C3, running 100% on donations, volunteerism, and our on-line store where we offer discounted items. In that respect, donations go directly to local families struggling with the effects of autism in your community; yes, directly to the local community and directly impacting local families.” It is difficult to find ...

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Autism, The Medication Dilemma

Parents of children with autism often face a terrible dilemma of not wanting their child to be on medication(s), but recognizing that the medication helps to alleviate many of the symptoms. Read more:

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The Autism Evaluation

Chances are you have spoken to your child’s pediatrician and they agree that maybe it’s time to have an evaluation for Autism. Maybe your child’s pediatrician will not even give you the time of day, but you are moving forward and going with your gut feeling. I’m often asked what should I expect from this evaluation? What questions should I ask? What do I do if the doctor thinks my child has it? My mother in law thinks I’m crazy and there is NOTHING wrong with my child. DEEP BREATHE & Calm Down, Yeah right! Easy for you to say Kristin, this is my child we are talking about here I know, I’ve been in your shoes before I always tell parents *Bring a list of concerns with you* Okay, what do you mean? Write down things you want to talk to the doctor about. List them from MOST important ...

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