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Kristin Liberato Gallagher- Director of Family Outreach

kristingallagherKristin is the Director of Family Outreach at the Autism Center of Pittsburgh. She has been with the Autism Center for 8 years helping parents to find the support and resources they need for their children and adults with Autism. Kristin is also the parent of three children with different forms of Autism. Prior to working at the Autism Center of Pittsburgh she worked in emergency medical services and other health care fields from the elderly and end of life care to individuals with disabilities. If you’re looking for help or just someone to give you support give Kristin a call today! No matter what the disability is, she is always willing to help!

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  1. Tammie Vingiquerra

    I need help for my 19 year old son who is on the Autism Spectrum. He is a senior through PA Cyber, but is slowly sinking into a deep depression. He never leaves the house and sometimes won’t talk to anyone in the house for days. This has been going on for about a year. He struggled all through school, but received a lot of help at Mt. Lebanon High School. Now that he is 19, and ever since about 17, I have not been able to make appointments for him, being told he has to call himself. Problem is, he won’t. I feel very lost and helpless and don’t know how to help him. We talk a lot, but lately that doesn’t seem to help. He stays in his room and only comes out to eat. I am very worried and he needs a lot of help.

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