Make Friends Now!! Social Skills Group

The Make Friends Now!! program is an interactive social skills group for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The group meets weekly for a 1.5 hour session, providing small group encounters with children who are thoughtfully placed together to enhance their social, communication, and play skills. An experienced therapist oversees the group to help each child work toward their individualized goals.

We strive to increase your child’s social skills by building communication and life skills, and helping children establish control of obsessive and ritualistic tendencies. Families are encouraged to actively participate in treatment planning, programming, and goal-development.

The Make Friends Now!! Autism Social Skills program is led by Medical Director Dr. Robert Lowenstein, MD, and Clinical Director Dr. John E. Carosso, Psy.D, and staffed by highly experienced and well-credentialed therapists with child clearances.

Intake/Enrollment Process

The enrollment process begins with your child being assessed by Dr. Lowenstein or Dr. Carosso to ensure your child’s placement with the appropriate peer group. We ensure that children are placed in a group that best meets their needs. Placement will be based on age and functioning level. The groups will include children and teens ages 4-18 who have some verbal skills, are able to remain on-task, and are responsive to structure and
verbal redirection.

The Treatment Process

A treatment plan will be developed specifically for your child and the team will implement the plan to practice social skills, improve coping mechanisms, enhance interactive and cooperative play skills, and work on individualized needs in a group context.


The cost of the Make Friends Now!! Social Skills Group is covered by your Medical Assistance insurance plan, and some private insurances.