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Asperger’s and Social Outings: Don’t leave it to chance

Written by Dr. John Carosso The Challenge In my work with parents, it’s all too common to hear the concern that their child, with high functioning Autism/Asperger’s, initially tends to ‘fit-in’ but, invariably, peers begin to notice peculiar tendencies, and social immaturity, and then shy away from their child. Of course, this causes distress, sadness, and frustration for everyone involved.  The Dilemma Parents want to promote their child’s independence, and give them opportunities to socialize. Consequently, they’ll let their children play in the neighborhood, or participate in a sport or activity. However, again, invariably there are problems and the child feels distressed. The Answer It is vital and necessary to encourage social opportunities for children with high functioning Autism and Asperger’s. The key is to “success” is four-fold: 1.) Provide ongoing, child-friendly, rehearsal of social skills, and preparation for the social encounter. 2.) Monitor the social situation. The ‘monitoring’ is ...

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