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New Screening Method Could Detect Autism In 9 Month Old Infants

Dr John Carosso states that actually, testing primitive reflexes has been used for decades to assess for any number of developmental conditions. See the article for yourself: The identification of two new biomarkers could help medical researchers identify autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in children as young as nine months old – one year earlier than the average screening age. According to lead author Carole A. Samango-Sprouse, an associate clinical professor of pediatrics at George Washington University, head circumference and head tilting reflex are reliable ways to determine whether or not children between the ages of 9 and 12 months could be autistic. While the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that ASD can be identified in youngsters who are at least two years old, most children are not diagnosed until the age of four. While multiple research papers claim parents of autistic children have anecdotally noticed developmental ...

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Autism treatment for kids under 3 is key, but diagnosis tough

  By Karen Weintraub, Conn. Health I-Team Writer Posted: 04/14/14, 12:16 AM EDT | Updated: 1 day ago 0 Comments Graphic by WebKazoo   Most children with autism are well past their fourth birthday by the time they’re diagnosed with the condition, according to new government data.   Their parents and teachers may have raised red flags earlier, but it takes months or years to confirm suspicions with a formal diagnosis. And therapy rarely starts without one.   “The school wouldn’t do anything for us until we had a diagnosis,” said Kimberly Vincent of Wallingford, whose daughter Rebekah was diagnosed at age 6.   That’s why researchers are trying to come up with new strategies for diagnosing autism spectrum disorders as early as possible. Last month’s release of new government data showing autism spectrum disorders now affect one in 68 kids provided an extra push and sense of urgency, several ...

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Just Released, CDC Reported 1 in 68 Children Now Affected By Autism

This week, the CDC announced the current autism prevalence rates — now 1 in 68 children. Next week will bring the start of another media-drenching Autism Awareness Month. So, right now, I’m bracing myself for the probable onslaught of the kinds of news reports and opinion pieces that make me cringe — the ones that use pejorative words like “crisis” and “epidemic”; the ones that suggest that my child and my life are problems to be solved. Yes, 1 in 68 is a staggering number. When my son Bud was diagnosed in 2003, the rate was 1 in 250. A few months later, it changed to 1 in 166, and it has increased steadily since then. 1 in 68 is a powerful soundbite. It’s a startling statistic. That’s why it’s so important — so critical — to remember, when we quote the statistic, that each of those “ones” in 68 ...

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