Our Internal Dialogue’s Impact on ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Autism

Do you talk to yourself?

A young man named Ryan Langdon, from his post at InsideMyMind https://insidemymind.me/2020/02/05/how-my-internal-monologue-affects-my-attention-deficit-disorder/ wrote of his internal dialogue, as a person with ADHD, that he referred to as being hyper-neuro-vocal in that he tends to have hyper self-talk that interferes with his concentration. In his own investigation, he found that others with ADHD tend to get carried away in their hyper self-talk, while those without ADHD sometimes report not even being aware of any self-talk or internal dialogue (what he refers to as being hypo-neuro-vocal). In fact, Ryan speaks of the primary challenge, for him and his experience of ADHD, as being his internal dialogue that interferes with his concentration.

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